Welcoming Native Moss

We wanted to welcome Native Moss, formerly known as Bohemian Backbone to a fresh new summer of pretty We Heart Shop Lovers! Native Moss carries the most gorgeous pieces from dresses to tops to jewelry. Look at this light, breezy tunic---you'll simply feel amazing in it:
We're confident that you'll enjoy the jewelry as well. There is something so sweet about Native Moss....!


Calling all Shop Articles

Hello We Heart Shop Lovers! Today we are announcing our Sister Site's Interaction for our Lovely Shops. We were the proud promoters of For the Love of Blogs for a year and grew so quickly that we needed to switch to a more professional hosting site when we thought of a wonderful community name that was much shorter...leading us to I Blog 4 Me! It's still an ongoing site from FTLOB where it still shows up in our former readers dashboards and we've been promoting to help this site grow even bigger!

Now, we have more wordpress users and are continuing on growing our feedburner and facebook friends but the numbers are better than this site here where we will continue to post your shop products but we'd like to promote them on IB4M as well.
Last week we announced our sub title: The Bloggers Magazine and we're searching for shops to write articles about each week. Now, we can write the article or you can if you prefer and so all we need is your approval. Just mention that you'd like to be featured and we'll host it each week. You can have more than one article written and gain even more exposure. You also have the option of sponsoring a giveaway which will also give you a 125X125 ad for that month.

Interested? Simply email us your shop site and it's done! XOXO we love shops and blogs:)